Drink Driving

Male with car keys and alcohol

Drink driving casualties at a four year high

According to figures released by the Department Of Transport. More than 24% of drivers detected with alcohol are between 16 and 19 years old.
Campaigners are calling for learner drivers to be better educated about the hazards of drink and drug driving.
UK driving tests could be adapted to contain a compulsory section on drink and drug awareness.
The hazards of misusing drugs and alcohol including prescription medicines whilst driving are mentioned only a few times in the theory test.

How many drinks can I have and remain safe to drive? well the answer is that if you have only one drink, you are three time more likely to cause an incident, so really is it worth it ? Research has proved that any alcohol in our system while driving is not safe.

Drug driving tests have been carried out in England and Wales since 2015 during this period almost 25000 motorists tested positive for drug driving. As well as the illegal drugs there are many everyday drugs  that fall under the legislation for example, diazepam, lorazepam, morphine, and codeine. which is found in common over the counter medicines,

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